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Summer Outfits and Hats

1. Spring Outfit: Panama Hat + Flowing Dress

In spring, a panama hat is a fashionable choice, because it endows spring outfits a masculine touch. The coexistence of masculine and feminine could create alluring outfits, too. There is no need to concern with styles. In the first outfit, a panama hat is paired with a light flowing white dress and a denim jacket. The white dress is feminine and free while the denim jackets outline the structure of the outfit. Then, some masculinity is brought by the hat. Certainly, sandals’ new role in the outfit is another highlight. In addition, such sandals also add an eye-catching color to the outfit. In a word, the outfit is balanced and interesting. Don’t forget these tips when putting together spring outfits.

2. Nautical Theme: Large Gold Chain + Striped Dress

In the second outfit, the striped dress goes with a large golden chain to play on the nautical theme. Hope such tips show you inspiration of spring outfits.

3. Shorts + Hat 

In the following photos, several summer hats have been shown. From a wide-brim sun hat to a two-toned fedora, these looks are easy to achieve.

The first three show you how to create lovely looks through white shorts. Such outfits are suitable for both frolicking on seaside and travelling in castles. It’s interesting that all these instances are difference in styles. Ranging from frayed denim shorts to pretty printed shorts, those different hats are outfits are suitable for various occasions. The fifth one is in boho casual style with a white top with cute blue patterns, going well with chino shorts, a neutral fringe bad and a brown and black straw fedora.

4. Pants + Hats

You could also create casual and nice looks through putting different types of pants together with other clothes and accessories. A hat also goes well with simple jeans. All these clothes are basic clothes in one’s closet. It could be worn at any time. If you have no idea about how to wear a bucket hat womens,  see the above gallery to get some inspirations. When I enjoy a trip near a lake in California, I wear a plaid shirt, white tank top, blue jeans and boots. Certainly, rock a baseball cap to shield UV rays.

5. Jumpsuit or Romper + Hat

The above two photos may could bring some ideas to pair jumpsuits or rompers with hats. The first hat is a light-coloured boater with a pink ribbon. So I paired it with a yellow jumpsuits and brown sandals. There is also guidance on how to wear a jumpsuit. During my travel around Provence in France, I have spent a pleasant vacation in summer. The reason why I would like to wear jumpsuits is its simple and cute style. Besides, there are always many clothes and essentials in one’s luggage. Only a small space could accommodate a piece of jumpsuit.

In the second outfit, a wide-brim large grey straw hat goes with a black romper. For the sake of cute and interesting pattern, such an outfit is lovely and girly. If you are going to travel in a place, it is a wonderful choice!